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Amadeus Get Airports Autocomplete

Using the term parameter and given the start of any word in an airport's official name, a city name, or the start of an IATA code, this API provides the full name and IATA location code of the city or airport, for use in flight searches

Amadeus Get Airports Nearest Relevant

This service gives the most relevant airports in a radius of 500 km around the given coordinates

Amadeus Get Flights Affiliate Search

The Flight Affiliate Search API combines Amadeus' flight search technology with Travel Audience's Connect API partners to provide a unique flight search, where all results come with deep-links to book the flight at a partner's website

Amadeus Get Flights Extensive Search

The Extensive Flight Search allows you to find the prices of one-way or return flights between two airports over a large number of dates, and for a large variety of stay durations

Amadeus Get Flights Inspiration Search

The Inspiration Flight Search allows you to find the prices of one-way and return flights from an origin city without necessarily having a destination, or even a flight date, in mind

Amadeus Get Flights Low Fare Search

This is the low fare search engine Amadeus uses to retrieve the best price for flights, based on our latest Master Pricer Travel Board technology

Amadeus Get Travel Intelligence Flight Traffic

The Flight Traffic API lets you find the origin and destination traffic summary between two journey points over a specified period

Expedia Airport Dropdown

Mobile API Flight Airport Dropdown Operation

Expedia Mobile Flight Checkout

Checkout a previously created flight trip, requiring payment fields, the trip id, and the passenger fields

Expedia Details

Mobile API Flight Details Operation

Expedia Fare Rules for the trip

Air Fare Rule information of the trip created

Expedia Flight Image

Mobile API Flight Image Operation

Expedia Search

Mobile API Flights

Expedia Get the credit card fee for a trip

This api provides an accurate credit card fee that a user would have to pay when booking a trip

Expedia Create A Trip

Mobile API Flights Create Trip Operation

Expedia Apply Coupon

Mobile API Packages Apply Coupon

Expedia Remove Coupon

Mobile API Packages Remove Coupon

Expedia Mobile Image

Mobile API Flight Mobile Image Operation

Expedia Create a trip for partner

Creates a flight trip, passing a product key and all required fields

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