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Amadeus - Get Flights Inspiration Search

The Inspiration Flight Search allows you to find the prices of one-way and return flights from an origin city without necessarily having a destination, or even a flight date, in mind. The search doesn't return a distinct set of price options, but rather, can tell you the price of flying from a given city to some destination, for a trip of a given duration, that falls within a given date range. The search is based on our Extreme Search platform, which continually caches a large number of flight search results from a list of origin cities to a variety of destinations. Since it's a cached search, the response time is fast, but not all origin airports are available. Here is a list of the currently supported origin-destination IATA location pairs. We try to keep this list as fresh as possible for you, but be aware that it may not always be exactly up-to-date and it can change without warning. Despite this limitation don't underestimate the power of this API. Thanks to its quick response speed you can easily pair it with other APIs to provide a low fare and inspiration for any destination. For example, you can could combine it with a event search API and suggest a total price to see go and see an concert or a game in a selection of cities.

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Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}&aggregation_mode={field_value}&departure_date={field_value}&destination={field_value}&direct={field_value}&duration={field_value}&max_price={field_value}&one-way={field_value}&origin={field_value}"

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